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The repast of Dapeng Mountain Hotel has itself distinguishing feature, quality and charming. It has more than 1600 seats, which leads the mode the cate. Blessing room , the restaurant in the Hotel is leading by the administrative chief cook, will offer you the royal health preservation meal. Western-style restaurant Twers Tona, follows the elegant, noble, densy,earthy Italy meal style, will restore the original taste of Italy meal. It is the best choice to hold the Business Invitation. Diversified and vast of eating manu of Lunch, Supper, Tea and pastries and some theme parties. It will offer you the most convinient and fast new feeling of Commercial cate. You can also enjoy the low-pitched but luxurious cantonese cuisine and exquisite Ningbo food:Ningbo idiomatical sea food, original taste and flavour modern green food,(broth and boiled food) birdí»s nest and shark fin.