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Advanced Lake Sight Room
Luxury Lake Sight Room
Luxury Lake Sight Double Room
Luxury Lake Sight Executive Room
Luxury Lake Sight Suite
President suite
Guest Room
Advanced Lake Sight Room(55m2) £¤1280.00
Let the eye travel over the great scenes and let fancy free,no matter from which point of the room,you can read happily the Lake scenery life.This is the place where you can do as you like,to enjoy your colorful life.Advanced to book the habitat for the citygentry and each room will be a unforgettable experience for your super luxury expectation.
LuxuryLake Sight Room(55m2) £¤1380.00
The natural beauty of jiao Lake is brought to room by designers.Super powered art infectivity visual effect can influence everyone¡¯s mood here,just like the newly-married coupile is eager to the romantic feelings.Classical moment,when a hotel is not only for living,but for the room that can shock you sweet¡¯s heart,the vitality of love will longe-last forever.Especially the wedding room and the lover¡¯s suite.

Luxury Lake Sight Double Room


Luxury Lake Sight Executive Room

Luxury Lake Sight Suite(83m2) £¤3080.00
Through the half-glass of sparkling and crystal-clear claret,leaning on the window and looking out,you can have a panoramic view of the thousand og years Dapeng Blessed place,jiao Lake with aboundless expanse of blue water.Nothing can keep your eyesight out,and all luxury facilities will let you release your heart and soul totally. Integrating the same world with the lake,you can understand what is you want,and it is just the world you can release your heart to after conquering the whole world.
President suite(192m2) £¤10800.00
Lake is the most beautiful eyes of the Nature,which can precipitate the large aspiration of the leader and achieve the great life.At the famous lakefront,masterpiece will deduce a natural and luxury gentry pageant,which will let you enjoy the best reverenced reception in Ningbo.When your achievement make the famous lake as the back ground,your elegant demeanors and the lake will enhance each other's beauty!